Country Heat: a cardio-based fitness program designed by Autumn Calabrese

Country Heat is a high-energy, low-impact, country dance-inspired fitness program that so totally fires up the fun—you won’t even feel like you’re working out!  Each 30 minute dance routine is packed with easy-to-follow moves set to good ‘ol country music.  All you have to do is follow along!

When was the last time you actually had FUN trying to lose weight? When was the last time you actually looked forward to walking on a treadmill? Country Heat changes everything! It’s great country music—and by great, we mean GREAT—and the moves are simple line dance-inspired. If you are familiar with Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix Program, then you will know that using portion control containers is a key component to having success with any of her workout programs.

Country Heat Eating Plan which focuses on a balanced and nutritious way to eat. This plan focuses on results and sensible eating and not as much on details. This is not so much “counting calories” as it is “counting portions”. So it’s less stressful to adhere to and much easier to put into practice.

The program’s effective results are premised upon great music and five excellent comprehensive workout routines that takes just 30 minutes of your day to complete. As a whole, the workouts focus on providing you with toning, firming, and tightening qualities all through the use of challenge cardio.

Set to chart-topping country music, the moves are so easy it’s like walking, but way more fun. And not only are the moves easy to follow, so is the eating plan: With simple portion-control containers you lose the weight and still get to eat the food you love.

Country Heat is for you if you are looking for a simple, fun and effective way to lose weight and get fit. I’ve been doing the sneak peek workout – Country Swing – on the days when I need a little less intensity than my current program,

While the workouts will help you to burn calories and therefore burn excess fat and get stronger through workouts such as Dance Conditioning, the nutrition component is just as crucial.

There are many qualities to admire about this effective workout system, but one of the best is that it is a simple program with big results. The high-quality impact of this program derives from the low-impact country-inspired fitness moves that are fun and exciting to add to your day.

Country Heat workouts are simple enough that anyone can do them. That’s the beauty of the program. Autumn introduces two steps at a time before she moves on to the next two steps. She designed it that way so people will find the routines easy to follow and stick with the program, which is the best way to get results.

The result? A complete weight-loss solution that’s so easy—and such a blast—you’ll never have to talk yourself into working out again—’cause you’re gonna want to do it! Yes, SIMPLE! So if you want to lose weight but have been waiting for the simple, fun program without burpees, pull-ups, or hip-hop backflips…

Country heat is a cardio dance fitness program that you do TO country music ??  The steps are simple and super basic (think Zumba in terms of being able to easily follow along) but that doesn’t mean that you won’t still get a workout. Your legs and core will be on fire and your heart rate will be up.

“You know what the best workout is? The one you’ll actually do! I’ve been training people my entire career, and one of the top reasons they don’t lose weight…is they can’t stick with their workouts. So they quit. And they keep getting heavier and heavier.

But don’t be fooled—you’re going to work up a sweat burning those calories, even if you’re already fit! With Country Heat, you don’t need to know how to dance. You just follow Autumn’s lead, move to the hottest country music, and have a blast!

Overall, Country Heat Workout is an excellent program that enables you to take your workout routine to the next level. With this program, you’ll be able to melt fat in a fun, exciting, and exhilarating way. To order, visit the brand’s website today.

Here’s the thing: Diets don’t work when you feel deprived. So I found a way for you to eat what you want, in just the right portions, so you can lose weight and still enjoy your life.

Do you LOVE Country Line Dancing? Line dancing is one of the most fun country dances because we can do it anywhere – parties, events, our own homes, and…we don’t need a partner!

I made 100% sure that Country Heat is a program you will stick with. I tested it over and over again, on people of all ages, all sizes, and all fitness levels. And you know what happened? It’s simple. It’s easy. And you don’t have to count calories, buy special foods, or stay home when everyone else is eating out.

The base package gives you the essentials you need to get going on starting both the exercise and nutrition components of the program. This is a 30 day program where you will dance away 6 days of the week with 1 day to kick back and relax those feet!

In Country Heat Autumn teaches  you two steps at a time, you do those, and move on to the next two steps.  There is no memorization or learning a routine, unlike Cize or typical country line dancing.

Country Heat Dance Workout was created by Autumn Calabrese, a young woman who is a celebrity fitness trainer. You may recognize her from her breakthrough workout plan, the 21 Day Fix, which has been a top-seller at the Beachbody brand.

You’ll get 6 high-energy, low-impact routines that scorch calories and incinerate fat in 30 minutes max. And every workout has a step-by-step breakdown of all the moves, plus a modifier to show you how to make the moves even easier.

What songs are featured in the COUNTRY HEAT Workouts? All songs in the COUNTRY HEAT workouts are rerecords of the original songs made famous by the below listed artists. But Beachbody’s latest workout (Country Heat) expands upon this concept and brings it to a new generation of fitness seekers. Let’s investigate this with the most insight of the Country Heat Reviews that you’ll find below.

The 30-minute workouts are inspired by country line dancing and easy enough to follow that anyone can do them — but they’re so fun you keep coming back for more. Plus, they’re low-impact and you don’t need any equipment. The program also comes with Autumn’s portion-control containers that help you dial in your nutrition without overthinking it.

Well…we’re excited to say that now we? can! Beachbody just came out with a new workout program called Country Heat! And, it’s much MORE than a line dancing workout. It’s a full cardio dance fitness program that we do to Country Music! Here’s the deal. Country Heat is a cardio-based fitness program from trainer Autumn Calabrese.

Country Heat Dance Workout is a minimalist system – that is to say, you do not need workout equipment or any weights to get through the high-impact exercises. The program allows you to get fit and to lose the pounds with its simple system and without any extra investment into items that you do not need.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to fuss with gyms or long workouts, this program is the one for you.  It will allow you to get a SOLID workout in without leaving the comfort of your home or taking a ton of time away from other priorities in your life too like family!  Plus, you’re going to have FUN and your family might just jump in with you!

It’s country music at its finest.  If you are a fan of country music, you will probably recognize most of the music.  The songs were chosen not only because they are popular and fun, but also to create a mix of faster and slower beats.  This creates automatic interval training within each routine.

So it will all depend on the pace of the workout and how high it gets your heart rate going.  I’m writing a page dedicated to calories burned during Country Heat as I have done with previous workout programs. I have started tracking how many calories I have burned during each workout and giving a brief summary of what each workout targets and how I like it.

Each 30-minute routine is packed with easy-to-follow dance moves set to the hottest country music around.?All you have to do is follow along and before you know it, you’re scorching calories, burning fat, and melting away the pounds as you reshape your entire body—all in just 30 days.

We will start our challenge off with a week of focused preparation where we will set goals for ourselves, plan out our meals, discuss our 30 day plan, and take pictures and measurements to show off our progress along the way!  Then, we DIVE with our cowboy boots and dance the days away!

Do you love country music? Would you like dance to it and get in a great workout? Of course you would and that is why Country Heat was created!  Please read below to learn what to expect, what is included, and how the workout is structured! You are going to love it!

I put all the workouts in just the right order to keep you in the groove and motivated, so the results keep coming. And there’s tons of variety so you’ll never get bored. Just follow the calendar, and you never have to guess which workout to do each day. Country Heat, Giddy Up, Down & Dirty, Bring the Heat, Trail Ride, and Dance Conditioning.

That means I’ll be buying my copy while celebrating with other coaches in Nashville, and can dance/workout right in my hotel room!

You just need to bring yourself and some good sports footwear! The fun thing about this program is it’s literally just about burning calories while dancing with a mixture of low, medium and high intensity dance routines.  The choreography isn’t complicated and you don’t need to be good at dancing to burn calories and follow along.

Each Country Heat line dancing workout is 30 minutes of low-impact exhilarating movement to melt off the weight and reshape our bodies through toning and tightening our shoulders, arms, legs, and bums.

Country Heat Dance Workout is a premier workout system where you essentially dance away the pounds to your favorite workout routine. The program is ideal for those who love to have a good time while losing weight. This is where Country Heat shines, all you have to do is invest 30 minutes a day for the workouts. I think all of us could slot in a half-hour a day to give this exercise program a go. What do these workouts consist of, one might ask?

This is out of my comfort zone for sure, but all the better to really get my body used to doing things is has not ever done. I think that is really where you change your body, not only physically, but mentally as well. Both of us have lost over 30 pounds each doing her workouts so we trust her as a personal trainer and fitness expert.  That said, we were both excited when we saw that she has just released Country Heat – a new dance workout program.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve tried in the past. What matters is now…and taking the first step to begin. That step has never been easier than it is with Country Heat. Don’t worry about getting the steps right. Just keep moving. It’s as simple as that. You’re going to love it. And you’ll stick with it. And the weight will start to come off.

In addition to the exclusive workout routines, you also receive a diet plan and custom workout routines by some of the best fitness experts in the country.

The Country Heat program features dance workouts that are set to the songs that are popular on country music radio stations right now.  The average length of each workout is about 20-30 minutes, and comes along with a 15-minute breakdown sessions (for those that don’t dance like me!) that will help you grasp the moves but also firm, tone and tighten your body at the same time.

There are many advantages to the Country Heat Working System. If you are ready to take your routine to the next level, then here is what you can expect when you incorporate the moves into your day. BeachBody Country Heat Breakdown: What Does The Workouts Consist Of Compiled within the program are six different workouts to ramp up activity and fat loss. There are other “bonus” workouts also included with different versions of the programs which we’ll discuss later on.

You just need to bring yourself and some good sports footwear! The fun thing about this program is it’s literally just about burning calories while dancing with a mixture of low, medium and high intensity dance routines.  The choreography isn’t complicated and you don’t need to be good at dancing to burn calories and follow along.

Below you’ll find some more information about the workouts, nutrition portion as well as a sneak peek of what the music choices will look like in the program!  We’ve even included a video with Autumn Calabrese sharing more about this program on one of our team calls. 

Country Heat is in the books and it was a BLAST! I think this is definitely my soul mate workout. And this from a gal who never thought she liked country music! In my defense, the music is more crossover country music–not super twangy or “I lost my dog, and house, and girl” stuff.

30 Day Workout Calendar: tells you which dance to do when.  No guessing on which dance to do each day. It’s all laid out for you! This program follows the 21 Day Fix nutrition system so you can expect a SIMPLE approach to good nutrition as part of this program.

If you are like most people, you need an interesting and exhilarating program to “get you in the groove.” Fortunately, there are such programs out there and one of the most popular applies to country music lovers nationwide.

The old tried & true methods of weightlifting and running have started to fall out of favor due to the aches & pains associated with long-term usage of these methods. The fact that Country Heat takes the stressful impacts away from the exercises and instead shifts its’ focus on body mechanics and building up heart rate safely makes it a good program to use.

Country Heat features the hottest country music—once you hear it, you have to start moving! There’s no choreography to remember, just follow along for a cardio workout that will keep you burning calories for 30 minutes.

Does the Country Heat Meal Plan include gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian options? With any of Beachbody’s portion control meal plans YOU choose what types of foods you eat – fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, grains, lean protein, etc.  So you can definitely choose gluten free options (as I do) or make vegetarian or vegan choices.

Yes, and if you have done the 21 Day Fix you will recognize the cute, colorful portion control containers!  Country Heat’s nutrition plan is based on clean eating portion control.  Your kit will come with a set of containers and the nutrition guide will help you calculate what foods to eat and how much, based on your unique goals.

Country Heat Workout is just being released and if you hurry, you may be able to take advantage of a promotional offer which allows you to receive pre-week meal prep guidance that allows you to set up your kitchen for success.

In ONE word, this program is FUN!  Of course no workout program, even dancing, comes without a little sweat too which is what this new take on line dancing will do!  You’ll find you’re having fun, while enjoying a good muscle-burning workout all in one.  This is very similar to our previous dance program CIZE but with a completely different twist, we are trading up our sneakers for boots!

This workout program will follow a similar structure to Autumn’s previous programs in that the format will be 30 minute long dance workout routines.  This is one of the things we both enjoy most about Autumn’s fitness routines because other popular Beach Body programs get you working out for almost an hour a day.

One of the greatest problems I have with at home workouts is that my workout shoes slip around so much when I am doing “twist and turn” moves and I find myself sliding all over my hardwood floors.  I have the opposite issue when working out on carpet, as my shoes stick to the carpet and won’t let me glide as effortlessly as I’d like.

Country Heat is really geared towards people who don’t like working out, or who are just starting out. If you are if one that is used to getting a hard workout in and sweating a lot—Country Heat may not necessarily be the workout for you.