Country Heat video

Country Heat’s choreography is simple. Country Heat features some of the hottest country songs that you’ve heard on the radio. I personally found CIZE a little hard to get the moves down, but with this one, even my kids caught on after a couple of moves.

One of the best things about Country Heat is that it’s easy on your joints. I saw amazing results all three months doing low-impact moves. On some moves, I could increase the intensity but on other moves, I kept my movements low impact and saw results.” And, if you follow fitness programs at all, that workout program transformed at-home workouts!! But this program takes it to a whole new level, using the same amazing Portion Fix containers, but pairing them with a FUN workout.

After that, you will workout for 6 days a week and take one rest day each week  The program also doesn’t assume that every adult has 3 hours a day to spare to drive to the gym, look presentable, find a machine to workout that isn’t being used, use the machine, shower, dry off, and drive back home.

Otherwise, it could be frustrating to do a different routine each day and not be able to truly “nail down” the moves.  Once you are comfortable enough with the dance routines, you’ll be able to do them effortlessly and focus on putting in as much energy as you can to burn the most amount of calories.

The 30 Day Workout Calendar contains a full 30 day schedule of working out. You get one rest day each week and on some days have to do a dance workout in addition to the Dance Conditioning workout. Maybe when I was a 19 year old student, but with a family and full-time job, not a chance.  All you need to follow Country Heat is less than 30 minutes a day to workout in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Country Heat Video is a high-energy, low-impact dance workout that’s so simple and so fun, you’ll love it from the very first step. Each 30-minute routine is packed with easy-to-follow dance moves set to the hottest country music around. All you have to do is follow along and before you know it, you’re scorching calories, burning fat, and melting away the pounds as you reshape your entire body—all in just 30 days.

Plus when you get the challenge pack you get access to Country Heat On Demand which means unlimited access to stream Country Heat and all the other workouts to any desktop, laptop, tablet, TV or mobile device. So you can start your workouts the minute you make your purchase.

We will see. Country Heat is the new cardio dance program with portion control nutrition released by Beachbody. I am not a dancer and it takes A LOT to get me to dance so I was very reluctant to try this. I personally enjoy throwing around weights (enter my Tim “The Toolman” Taylor grunt from Home Improvement for those that remember that show!)

I was pleasantly surprised by the extent of the calorie burns and heart rates for Country Heat.  I planned on never touching it. Then I got selected for the test group. Ironic right? LOL. I couldn’t be more GRATEFUL to have been given this opportunity. It has helped me recommit to my fitness and break a year long struggle with my health. I have been feeling so lost & finally I feel like ME again.

When deciding whether or not to get the essential package or the deluxe package, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, the base kit has everything you need to get started. This is not a complete list, but you will hear:  Young and Crazy, Fake ID, Sideways, Footloose,  Bar Hoppin’, Kick the Dust Up, Crash and Burn, All About Tonight, Be My Baby Tonight, I Like It I Love It and, of course, the classic Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy).