What is the minimum age to see this movie?

 1 : A rated movies are technically watched after 18 years of age. However in India none of cinema halls check your age. Even the big and famous chains like PVR, Cinepolis, INOX are not bothered to check your age so you can easily enter at even 12 or 10 years as well

2 : The minimum age requirement is 18 years in any well maintained multiplex in India. But these requirements are not followed in other normal theaters. Age has got nothing to do with watching any movie. It is because these theaters need revenue to run. So, they will set aside those rules like allowing only 18+ to a A rated movie.

3 :  The minimum age is 18. Theatres are expected to stop minors from entering the hall in case the rating is an 'A'. But I've seen this rule being broken in quite a few places.

minimum age to see this movie

 Rest of the cities: Children aged 3 years and above will require a ticket. All children can watch movies. However, some cinema has set rules as an Adult movie (18 years and above) or Under Adult.

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